Karaoke cervecil Juevero (o como destrozar una cancion)


I feel cold

Facing the bar

The light’s gone away

Deep in his tasca he said

All beers be mine

There’s one thing for sure

The triumph of pints is near

Deep in his pub they sang

We shall not rest

Until all will be drinked

All beer is mine

You can be sure

Don’t dare me

the mighty one swig


Smashed down the hangover

I will not rest till I’m drunk

glass’s empty now

allied the ale and lager

they shall be blessed

Rise of Fall

a dark beer ends

just wondering how

in the abbey

they found their way

to the right place

children of the barley

second brew

we call their kind

treat them kindly

born in the europe

(are the) toasted

they moved westwards

towards the sunshine

(they are) the first drink in the morning

short’s their life

(like) jar passes by

when the waiter comes

the aperitif was lost

(and) the bar was closed

the sun went down

beyond the street

dark was the hour

but the bar will open again


Clean my glasses

wash away all jar

let my beer be mine

noone hears me drinking

no pub no cask

which contains all the beer


renowned the deeds

and the victims of hangover

sit down on your chair

and look out for your jar

with my eyes you’ll see

and with my ears you’ll hear

you troubled my bar

and you’ve questioned my grade

(but) don’t mess

with the master of beer


I drink of the bar

and give me a snack

I drink of the bar

snack will be mine

Slowly marching on the bar

still we’re marching on the bar…

Perdon por las atrocidades acometidas contra la rima, ortografia, musica, ect…


Acerca de GarRafa

Antes contaba mi vida aquí, ahora de vez en cuando escribo lo que se me ocurre. ¿Cordura? ¿Eso que es?
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